Whole Family Health Care of Longmont

 Dr. Kristin van Konynenburg, MD


Dr. Kristin provides primary care with a special touch, using up to date primary care guidelines and pharmaceuticals as well as plant medicine, nutrition, lifestyle education, mind/body medicine and homeopathy.  


Because of the small size of the clinic, Dr. Kristin is able to keep overhead low and has longer patient appointments.  This allows for more time to listen and to get a very thorough history of a person’s health concerns, which she finds essential to finding a good diagnosis and individualized approach to
healing.  She expects her patients to be partners in their healing journey, and recognizes that listening to our own inner voice is a key to becoming our best selves. 


Her specific approach for each patient will depend on what is most appropriate for a given health concern, as well as patient preference.  For example, if someone’s blood pressure is very high and they are at risk of serious problems such as stroke and heart failure, medication will definitely be prescribed along with diet and lifestyle counseling.  However, if someone has just mildly high blood pressure and is motivated to make changes in their daily habits, we can make changes in diet and activity level, use mind/body techniques and use some plant medicine as our initial approach, which will usually bring mildly elevated blood pressure back to normal.